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Doctoral Dissertation Defence Success: Rev'd Dr. Kirk Weisz

The Bergen Anglican congregation would like to congratulate our priest Kirk on successfully defending his doctoral dissertation and achieving this immense professional and academic milestone!

Kirk's narrative study explored through in-depth interviews the many changes and challenges that occur for men who accompany their female spouse/partner as they sojourn (relocate from abroad) together into Norwegian society, and their transition into a non-traditional gender role.

The study looked carefully and closely at various acculturation coping strategies employed by these men and the host country Norway. The lived stories of these men underwent interdisciplinary analysis that included Postcolonial Theory, Critical Race Theory, Masculinity Theory, Migration Theology, and Interpersonal Psychology, among others. The study concluded with the development of a theology of Christian hospitality and an intercultural approach of pastoral care and counseling for this demographic of men.


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