Services of Holy Eucharist (by extension) are normally at 11:00 on Sunday mornings

with Rev'd Kirk Weisz. See the schedule below for exceptions.

Sunday school, for children of all ages, is normally available every Sunday. It is held in the sacristy and begins just before the first reading. The choir sings on select Sundays, as noted on the schedule. 

After each service everyone is welcome to a fellowship coffee hour in Mariastuen.

(Mariastuen can be found directly across the street and to the right with the church image on the windows. Handicap ramp access.)


As of 13 March church services for the Bergen Anglican Church in Mariakirken
remain suspended until further notice.


We hold a Bible Study on Tuesdays throughout the year at the Engen Center (map). For more information on the next upcoming study, please contact Rev'd Weisz. 



Due to special regulations in Mariakirken related to Covid-19, the Bergen Anglican Church is unable to hold services in Mariakirken at this time. However, over the course of July and August, the Bergen Anglican church will partner with the Johanneskirken congregation by holding ecumenical services in Johanneskirken (Sydnesplassen 5) at 11:00 on a bi-weekly basis. On the Sundays when we are not in Johanneskirken, we will offer a virtual Service of the Word via Zoom at 11:00.


Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 

Due to the corona virus situation, the local church AGM has been postponed until some point in the Autumn. Date TBA.

N.B. Services of Holy Eucharist with Rev'd Kirk Weisz are by extension. 

Kirk at the door
Peace walkabout
Crucifixion wall painting
Kirk at sermon
Sunday school
Kirk at the door
Peace walkabout
Crucifixion wall painting
Kirk at sermon
Sunday school

We offer English-language services regularly on Sundays at 11:00, in Bergen's twelfth-century Mariakirken (St. Mary's Church), followed by coffee hour fellowship.


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Mariakirken (St. Mary's Church)

Dreggsalmenningen 15

5003 Bergen, NORWAY


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