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We are a small congregation that needs your support to survive. All our costs, including rent of Mariakirken, are covered by generous giving from both members and visitors, and from Norwegian state contributions for each adult Anglican registered in Norway living in the Bergen area.

Donations can be made via internet banking to: Bergen Anglican Church: 3625.80.18537

OR tax-free (between NOK 500-25,000) to the

Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway: 7029.05.14973 To be eligible for tax exemption, one must register full name and Norwegian state ID number with the Chaplaincy Treasurer.

Norwegian residents can also donate via VIPPS to account number 508455.

Foreign visitors can contribute through

international bank transfer: 


IBAN number: NO6436258018537

SparebankVest, Postboks 7999, 5020 Bergen, Norway


If you pay Norwegian taxes and have a Norwegian ID number, a portion of your taxes automatically goes to the Norwegian Church unless you submit a short form stipulating that you have joined another religious group. The annual income we receive from each new registered member of the Bergen Anglican Congregation is very important to our survival as a parish. 

Find out more information about becoming a registered member of the congregation by reading the PDF Membership Form linked below. Submitting the form costs you nothing and benefits our church greatly. 


Volunteers are the life-blood of the Bergen Anglican Congregation. We rely on our congregation members to fulfill many important volunteer roles:

  • sidespersons

  • sacristans

  • readers

  • intercessory prayers

  • coffee hour hosts

  • Sunday school helpers

  • committee (vestry) members

  • organist

  • choir


Get involved - be a part of God's family!



Rev'd Kirk Weisz, chair

Iris Evans Bjørno, lay reader (ex officio)

Barbara McIntosh, warden (ex officio)

Ana Duerr, Deanery synod representative

Øyvind Bolme Fredriksen, treasurer

Kristine Albeite

Molly Rydstrøm

Penny Mietle
Norah Kwagala, elected Chaplaincy Council member


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